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We offer the most unique and energy manifesting gemstone jewelry. Our crystal jewelry is handmade with specially selected healing stones that are ideal for perceiving the healing energy and experiencing progression in every life aspect. We are all about natural healing and we believe in the power of nature. We offer bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings in all sizes and styles. As you know, the earth presents us with an astonishing bounty of beautiful gemstones & crystals that each holds its own unique vibration & attributes that can serve us in many ways. Including – protection, healing, pain relief, detoxing, energizing, calming, manifesting & spiritual enlightenment. Crystals are known to manifest the unity of the fundamental elements of nature. Growing in the Earth, they suggest the mineral evolution of the planet. By their ability to transmit a piezo-electric charge, they are natural expressions of Fire. They are also linked to Water in both their molecular structure and their ice-like appearance. And just as Air permits light to move through its clarity, so do crystals. Their beauty talks to the child within us and beckons us to stop and admit the pure flow of energy to refresh and revitalize us. Such healing techniques have been in use throughout the ages. For instance, gemstones were implanted in armors for protection, and in crowns for their beauty and power. Today, healing with crystals is used in energy work like Reiki and bodywork like massage. They are also employed as a means to bring forth certain spiritual qualities inside ourselves, such as wisdom, luck, health, creativity and much more. Surely these are gifts to be bestowed upon others. Stringing together these fascinating pieces from mother nature, I choose only the highest quality of gemstones. Then, I purify and replenish the energy of each stone. Every finished piece extends a direct energy to sustain the wearer on their personal journey. I design and handcraft a completely original collection of Crystal Energy Jewelry. Every step of the process is created personally by me, nothing is outsourced. I acquire all the required raw materials, handpick each individual crystal for its beauty and energy, hand-make every piece with positive purpose so that they bring the intended receivers the greatest good. Each crystal in our collection is one of a kind. We hope you discover and enjoy your unique crystal today!