Anti-Cellulite Cream + Coffee Scrub | - Mama Bear Self Care Bundle

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<p>Celebration mother's day bundle <strong>( limited time only )</strong>, with exfoliating skin pampering natural products! The bundle includes:</p>
<p><meta charset="utf-8"><strong>Life’s Butter Anti-Cellulite Cream</strong><span> is an innovative, confidence-boosting technology, scientifically formulated with L-carnitine and Coenzyme Q10. The product provides a strong moisturizing effect while the </span>powerful formula reduces the volume of the fat cells that cause the appearance of cellulite.</p>
<p><strong>Our Signature #Exfoliating Coffee Scrub &amp; #Detox Coffee Scrub With Cacao: </strong><span>You will notice a change in your skin even after the first time you use our Coffee Scrub. It will be smoother instantly because even after the first time, you are removing so many of those dead skin cells that are just not welcomed.  We promise you will not miss them.</span></p>
<p><strong>Life's Furry Small Handmade Puch: </strong>So you can store all your goodies inside!</p>
<p><strong>Handmade Life's Butter Candle: </strong>Because it wouldn't be a self-care day without a candle! </p>