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The L-theanine amino acid in matcha increases alpha waves in the brain helping you to feel calm, alert, and mentally focused. It also decreases the absorption of caffeine by the body, maximizing the duration of the calm energy.

Our Original bag is 100% pure Japanese matcha - making it vegan. Our collagen bags do contain fish. There are several sources for collagen. Ours is marine-based. Bovine is derived from cattle cartilage while marine is made from the skin of fish that would otherwise get thrown away. This makes our collagen pescatarian and sustainable!

Yes you can, but this is now how we would recommend making it. When using tools such as a fork, it is much harder to remove the clumps due to the matchas fine powder profile.

Yes, our product does not contain any GMO’s.

With matcha you are ingesting the entire leaf, not just the infusion. This is like eating vegetables over vegetable broth. As a result, and because of its harvesting, grinding, and storing methods, drinking 1 cup of matcha = 12 cups of green tea in terms of nutrition.

No, there is absolutely no gluten in our matcha.

No, (well, at least for our Original bag) this is the beauty of a good quality matcha. The rich umami flavor of our organic matcha is a component of a few things, including the humidity, soil, amount of shade, and time of harvest. Young leaves are picked at first flush, and only the top leaves are used for premium tea. These small leaves are cleaned, stored slightly above freezing, then stone ground into naturally vibrant green powder. Another component we look at is the grade of the matcha. Our organic green tea leaves are grounded down through traditional stone milling into fine grains, where we can officially refer to it as "matcha". From there, it is absolutely crucial to store the matcha in cold temperatures and out of the sun's reach.

Chemically, nope… If feeling good and energized is addictive to you, then yes.