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Aridatha Pauer

Love the products and the service

The best products and the best customer service ever. They have everything for your skin - face creams, body balms, etc.

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Emma La Mer


I heard great things about DermaSet cream and so I ordered one for $99. I watched the tracking and finally it said it had been delivered. I went to our mailbox area where packages are left in mail lockers, but it wasn't there. I asked my mailman the next day about the product, but he had no memory at all about this product. So I called USPS and they were no help. I emailed DermaSet Customer Service and surprisingly a representative named Anna left me voicemail. I called and immediately asked for a refund or a new cream sent to me. She started to try to tell me that lost mail is not a Dermaset issue, but is a mail issue, but as soon as she said that I snapped at her and complained about that policy! She patiently waited until my rudeness stopped and very kindly offered me a solution that she would have said earlier if I had not been so impolite! I apologized, but Anna was only concerned that she gave me a satisfactory solution! Who does that? Anna did! Best service EVER! Anna is a star!

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Charlene Rabier

Good sun protection products

Good sun protection products. Compatible with my dry skin and seems to moisturize well.

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Mel Burgum

Great product

I have tried more products than I can count to help improve the firmness of my skin. DermaSet has by far been the most effective product I have used to accomplish this goal. My skin is firmer, including the all-important eye area. I can honestly say that for me it does what it promises. I would definitely recommend it to others. My only concern is the price. This factor may prevent me from continuing to use. We’ll see.

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Kacy Rasper


This cream is just lovely. It is refreshing and very moisturizing. It's not a heavy cream. Which I don't like in the summer. It sinks right in and is just the right weight to keep my skin fresh and beautiful without sliding off my face in the sweltering Florida heat!

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George Sheather

Excellent product

After using DermaSet, I noticed a difference in my appearance, my skin looked great, I looked ten years younger. I love this product. I look and feel beautiful. Thank you DermSet, for your outstanding excellent product.

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Kellby Booth

It works!

I have tried a lot of products for aging and wrinkles and have never found the right product. Some do not work at all while others only mask the problem areas. DermaSet works and everyone, including me, can see results. I love the way my face feels after applying DermaSet to my face and neck, smooth and moisturized, but not heavy. I LOVE DermaSet and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for something that WORKS!

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Aurelea Potte

If only their shipping had been timely

If only their shipping had been timely...I received another product in almost half the time it took to get this product. Not wanting two different products, I had to cancel theirs. If only I had gotten theirs first. I did have a chance to try the product and it was actually better than the other one. If only I had been more patient. Sometimes good things are worth waiting for!

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Nessa Louisot

Very satisfied

I have been using this product for a month and have noticed that my skin feels smoother. The result has made me feel more confident. This product works! I would love for this product to be more affordable. It is a bit pricey.

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Pepe Donisi

Loved it!

I really enjoyed this product. I thought the fragrance was pleasant, and it made my skin soft. I felt that the fine lines on my face were not as visible. It is working to prevent any new ones from appearing. I liked the product, and feel it was worth the money.

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Natasha P.

I started using dermaset 1 month ago

I started using dermaset 1 month ago and I can already see results. The 3d rollerball eye serum helped me get rid of the bags under my eyes almost instantly.

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