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Derek Notman


In my opinion....WORST. MORTGAGE. EXPERIENCE. EVER. I DO NOT THINK ANYONE SHOULD USE THIS COMPANY. I DO NOT THINK YOU SHOULD WORK WITH JOSH RAPAPORT! By the skin of our teeth we were just barely able to close on our new home this week but what an absolutely terrible experience it has been. As someone who has owned multiple properties over the years and worked with numerous lenders I can say with 100% certainty that I think Josh Rapaport and District Lending have been the absolute worst to work with. I think his poor communication, a completely disorganized process, and being completely unprofessional toward all of us made us feel anxious the entire time. Let's not forget he also yelled at my realtor and actually called the title company to yell and tell them to F#$k off. Josh has left a terrible impression upon us all. But wait, there's more. After going under contract and starting the underwriting process Josh told us many times that we all should stop bugging him since he knew what he and his team (which is outsourced to some lame 3rd party - Wemlo) were doing and that we had plenty of time for underwriting, etc. Well, what a joke! We missed our first closing date (he never even acknowledged it) and then when pressed he actually told us to go find another lender, seriously are we in junior high school?! I think and feel like Josh essentially held us hostage with our rate lock and escrow. Days before the closing things continued to be completely disjointed and we almost lost the house, rate lock, and escrow literally bringing my wife to tears. Josh also seemed to lack transparency, especially around his compensation given he told us he was not getting compensated for part of our loan structure, yet in the final disclosure docs he was clearly compensated. Never in my life have I worked with someone who was as rude, unprofessional, disrespectful, and what would appear to be running a shady and dishonest mortgage brokerage. You can find great mortgage professionals out there to help get what you need, but in my opinion you will not find it with Josh Rapaport and District Lending. I think you should stay away, FAR AWAY!

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