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Anonymous customer

Good product

I recently started taking liposet before my workouts and it feels great. If you are looking for something that can help you work out more and eat less - go for it.

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The best weight loss product

The best weight loss product on the market. Maybe the only one that suppresses my appetite and doesn't give me stomach pain

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Almost a week in and actually alread...

Almost a week in and actually already seeing a difference. Exercising and eating right I think helped speed it up and I've lost 5 lbs. Already!

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Aldwin Todarini

Great Buy

I've been paying a like more in a store for a similar product. Plus I had the inconvience of having to go to the store. This was more economical and convenient. It arrived on time and was well-packaged.

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This is a great product!

This is a great product! Just as described! Highly recommend!

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Lyndsay Buff

Exactly what it states Perfect and inexp

This is the best product I have ever tried, really good and doesn’t give me cramps

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Minnaminnie Geockle

Five Stars

Cheap and an awesome kick start to a diet!

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Lon Bernardoni


I love this product. LOVE IT. I can imagine using this product forever. I take 3 capsules 30 to 40 minutes before each meal with a full 8-10 ounces of water. I could not be happier with this product.

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Hertha Rodgers

Product does work but only with proper d

After using this for several weeks, main point is that it does work but requires correct use. I read a ton of the reviews prior to buying most of the negative ones detail that the product does not function correctly or results in bloating. My experience is that the product if used 30-minutes prior to a meal on an empty stomach does result in a reduction of hunger pains. If you have a light breakfast, take one-two pills at 11:30am you can get away with a super light lunch. Along with exercise and a healthy dinner you are able to lose weight pretty quick.

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Naoma Ranstead

Curb your appetite

Great product to curb hunger to prevent over-eating, especially in the evening when you just want a snack. Really helping me to stick to my diet. I've lost 25 lbs.!

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Lelah Beacham

Amazing product

These helper me alot! Before taking I felt bloated, I with these, I'm not. Without I have stomach issues, with these I no longer have any sort of stomach issues. It's super easy to maintain my weight with these. Since I've started taking these, I haven't even went back up past 156. I've stayed at 156 though eating alot of out to eat food. I can't wait to see my weight loss results with these once I start my whole food diet.

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Tina H.

Great value

The product is great, as expected.

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Randie Minihane

So far, so good

Good supplement. I'm still taking it so my results aren't very definite yet. But it seems to work nicely for some help in weight loss.

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Britta Fourmy

This may be the thing to help control my

It does what it says, bulks up in the stomach when you drink a big glass of water with it. I bought it to go along with another supplement to help me control my weight.

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Roxane Robart

weight loss

My daughter suggested that I try this product. Well, I am and lost 10 lbs. in just under 10 days, so it works for me.

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B. Malllen

High quality supplement

Originally I was a little unsure of what brand to go with, since there are a lot of companies selling glucomannan. This product was a great choice. It's relatively cheap, but very high quality. The bottle was sealed a couple of ways to give me peace of mind about the freshness. I'd recommend it

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