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Abe B


I lost count to how many times they told me to remove my bad review to continue my transaction and il never remove my review again until i get my money. I dont care about my money at this point i only care about this website getting what it deserves. Theyve been holding my money for 4 months. A $#*! ton of false promises and ghosting. They have been doing this for awhile now not paying their sellers. I have had an expedite cashout transaction for 2 months now with zero progress. They just started to ghost me and many others. There is no hope and i urge everyone in the same situation to spread awareness about this website in other review sites. Dont forget to report to the FTC ( If youre a seller and havent gotten your money please do contact your buyer to report to their bank. SPREAD AWARENESS EVERYWHERE. DONT STAY QUIET. (UPDATE) 2 months after no reply they reply only after you write a bad review. Theyll ask you to remove the bad review in order to continue the transaction DO NOT FALL FOR IT. Its all lies and its gonna be an endless loop. I will spread awareness everywhere about this scam. They will get what they deserve.

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