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Justin F

Avoid At All Costs!

REVIEW OF EXPERIENCE: Organizer bailed on the event without rescheduling just decided to get the restaurant to figure out how to run the event. No one knew what was going on and they had a waitress working at the restaurant (with no experience) to run the event. Restaurant had no idea how to conduct the event. Even asking attendees how to work the app for the event!!! Also scheduled the event on a day where our NHL team was playing a local game (which is well advertised so no reason not to know) so there was NO parking available anywhere. Why choose this day?? Overall terrible experience would stay far far away from this borderline scam. UPDATE 1 Rep responded to my initial review on trustpilot essentially blaming me for not using Uber or Lyft (because once again the customer is the problem not the poor planning of the event.) The main issue was the disastrous execution of the event. But Jack couldn't even get that far they didn't want to hear it. Half the attendees couldn't even use the speed dating app (website) and had to use pen and paper! POST "Customer Service" Call (Voicemail of VM sent after disconnecting call with Rep attached to show how aggressive and insulting this Rep was, enjoy!): Talked with MyCheekyDate representative Jack on the phone about my experience. He was just as aggressive on the phone, laughing at my frustration multiple times as I explained my experience and the disgusting response to my fair criticism. Jack truly did not want to have a conversation with me (despite saying he would like to do so.) Straw man arguments, talking over me when I clearly was not finished my point, telling me I'm irate (gas lighting), all wrapped up with a sickening positive tone that came off as condescending as their written response. You need look no further than all the previous low star reviews on this site if you don't believe me how they handle complaints. Company policy = blame customer & hope they don't reply to challenge you. Guess it didn't work this time for them, too bad. THIS IS A BORDERLINE SCAM. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

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