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MonsterCloud provides ransomware removal and file recovery services for businesses and takes great pride in these services. In fact, we offer a guarantee for our services or it’s free.

No, we strictly provide ransomware removal and recovery services to businesses and organizations.

Most of our removal services are intellectual property, so MonsterCloud does not disclose how we remove ransomware.

When possible, yes. In some cases, there are no decryptors, so we resort to other means of resolving ransomware incidents.

While we strongly advocate not paying ransoms yourselves, we have extensive experience working with ransomware perpetrators and sometimes resort to other means to resolve the ransomware incident for our clients. All terms are disclosed in our service contract.

We take great pride in delivering the greatest ransomware removal services in the industry. Integrity and trust are an important part of our business, and we take every step to act in a transparent way. We do not engage in business matters prior to an executed service contract that clearly covers the services we will provide.