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Grant Davis

Our company got hit with ransomware

Our company got hit with ransomware 7-8 months ago. We gave monster cloud a sample file and a few hours later they got back to us. The recovery went smooth.

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Caye Bertome

Good service!

The guys are knowledgable and the communication is great. We called another firm prior to calling monstercloud and I kind of felt like they were giving me an attitude for not knowing what ransomware is and what the procedure is like.

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Kassie Hallin

They saved me a lot of headaches!

Thank you for your help MonsterCloud!

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Nicolas Pierce

Fast analysis, a bit pricey...

I don't have experience with many cybersecurity firms, but these guys definitely were on top of the task. The file was analyzed relatively fast. The recovery is a little pricey, but it's worth it when you don't have to deal with all that nonsense.

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kevin d.

Took a bit long, but it worked

Recovery took a little bit longer than I anticipated and it was a bit pricey, but they did the job. They also helped us put together all the documentation for the insurance company.

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Billy Rogers

Very Fast

Fast service and easy communication.

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These guys saved our business

Cybersecurity is the most important thing when your business is online. Our whole system was taken down along with all of our files. We sell merchandise online, but the funny thing is that things were so bad, even our inventory was messed up. I am grateful we didn't have to start from scratch and manually count 500k+ items in our warehouse.

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Hali Coggan

Worked out well

Getting your files back is only step one. Monstercloud helped us not only get back on track but patch the security issues altogether. I am an IT manager for more than 12 years and didn't even suspect how much I don't know about cybersecurity. It happened to be way more than running regular updates and having an antivirus software.

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Jaine Livesey

Fast recovery and good communication

Very fast recovery and follow-up service. Thanks for the help!

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Hally Barwick

Great service

We got hit with Zeppelin ransomware. I've never even heard of ransomware prior to this incident. Monstercloud came over and helped us recover the file. They also assisted with the insurance company that was trying to avoid paying at any cost...

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Korry Eubank

My files were recovered very fast

My files were recovered very fast. I recommend monstercloud to everyone who needs ransomware removal services. They did a great job.

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Cortney Swatland

My computer was infected with a virus...

My computer was infected with a virus and all my files became unusable. I got in touch with their customer service and they promised that they are going to recover everything, so I took my computer to their office in Hollywood. After a couple of days, I received an email from them saying that my computer is now fixed. I definitely recommend this company. They even shared a couple of tips with me so I can minimize the risks of getting any sorts of viruses again.

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Jammie Tulk


Ransomware is the worst! Our system was taken down to a point where we couldn't access even the backups. We sent a sample and a small fee to analyze the files. We were online within 72 hours.

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Best value for money

My company was hit by GandCrab ransomware and a friend of mine recommended me monstercloud and I used the form on their website to get a quote. I got a quote from one more company in the area but the price they gave me was way higher than the one that Zack from monstercloud came up with. I definitely recommend their services.

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Steven Benet

The best cybersecurity experts

Monstercloud is the best cybersecurity firm in town. I'm truly impressed by their work.

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Sebastian M.

The best data recovery company! Th...

The best data recovery company! They've helped us get rid of .ryuk in less than 24 hours! I highly recommend their services!

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Jeremy W.


Our business was almost destroyed by a ransomware attack. These guys came over and recovered the data! I am really grateful!

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